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Selecting software is truly a mission critical process, as the program selected will have a dramatic impact on current operations for the foreseeable future.  inHANCE offers a low risk, high value, industry-leading solution that is feature-rich and easy-to-use.

p1Functionality  inHANCE provides a myriad of information about each customer and service location with a single mouse click. Customer Service will be revolutionized as your customer service representatives will be able to quickly and simply find the information they need when they need it.p1
 Industry Leader  InHANCE is a division of Harris which was established in 1976.  Harris has over 6,500 North American utilities on its client roster. 
p1Flexibility  Besides being feature rich, inHANCE can be tailored through configuration preferences to work in concert with required processes and procedures. At the same time it will allow you to redesign certain business processes to increase efficiencies.p1 Proven Solution  inHANCE has an impressive track record of implementation success and customer satisfaction.  Over 150 water utilities are successfully utilizing our proven system.
p1Cost  Our business model allows us to compete very aggressively on price. Although cost is never the only factor in selecting a solution, it is always an important consideration. We also understand that our proposed cost is the bottom line for your project, not the starting point of it.p1 Experienced Project Staff   Ninety per cent of our product team has worked with inHANCE since its inception and they are highly experienced in managing software migration projects for utilities.
p1Substantial On-Site Services  We understand the challenges that your staff will face assimilating new processes and operations in the transition to new technology and our staff excels at making this transition as painless as possible.
The tools and resources available to inHANCE as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner allow us to grow and develop business, build and maintain expertise in our areas of specialization, and continue to incorporate new technologies that benefit our customers.
We will allow you to manage your resources, improve efficiency and provide better customer service. We are confident that we represent the greatest value for your operation. For further information, please email our sales department at or call our sales line at 1.800.259.8222